Good things happen when we eat real foods. We prepare vegetarian meals based on whole foods like whole grains, beans/legumes, fruits and vegetables, natural sweeteners, healthy oils and cooking techniques. Many of our dishes are gluten free and we use organic eggs and dairy


Features freshly cooked vegetarian meals. After an initial consultation, we will shop for your ingredients on your cook date and bring them with us to your kitchen. We make everything fresh and leave in your containers with directions for reheating the meals at your convenience. Our meals are best enjoyed fresh, so we do not recommend freezing them. Each visit can provide up to 3 or 4 entrees with respective side dishes. Service can be weekly, bi weekly or monthly.


Never tried Personal Chef Services before? Want to gift personal chef services to someone or simply want a more customized package experience like healthier breakfast items, or gluten free goodies, or a selection of plant rich side dishes? This package is a great option to try our services in an even more customized way. Contact us for details.


Whether you want to learn more about how to prepare different vegetable based dishes, or prepare treats with natural sweeteners we can explore together. We will discuss what you're interested in learning and we’ll put together a menu of dishes that we can prepare together. We will leave you with recipes and some delicious food you made yourself.